The landscape in which the spekboom harvesting and restoration takes place – the Klein Karoo. It is a place of extremes and beautiful juxtapositions, a true jewel in South Africa’s crown, and well worth a visit if you have not yet been!

The spekboom cuttings…

are harvested from healthy, dense spekboom stands. The ladies make sure to only harvest from bushes of a certain size (they identify the largest ones), and they know how many cuttings to take from each plant (no more than 6 for the largest plants).
They stack the cuttings in bunches to be tied together and transported back to the main office. Once there they will be stored for a few days so that the cut ends can dry off before being transplanted at the restorations sites. This prevents the cut ends from rotting.

The cuttings…

are bunched at designated sites in field. Here the ladies can be seen trimming the cuttings – the cuttings can’t have any leaves attached to the part of the stem that will be underground. In the past the “excess” leaves and branches would be placed back in amongst the spekboom plants, where they would naturally take root and grow new plants again. With the start of the #spekkies enterprise however, these excess stems are put aside to be used to create #spekkies!

The ladies…

divide themselves into two groups – the one group trims and bunches the spekboom at the designated collection point, whilst the other group goes into the spekboom stand and harvests the cuttings. In this picture we see one of the ladies bringing a bunch of raw cuttings in from the hill.

Jobs for Carbon stars…

– Katrien – trimming the cuttings. To her right the cuttings that will be used for restoration can be seen (planted back into degraded veld areas), and in front of her are the trimmed stems that will be used to make #spekkies.


A close up of Katrien…

trimming the smaller stems on a cutting. The ladies have been doing this work for almost 3 full years now, and have mastered the art of selecting and preparing the most suitable cuttings. They take pride in their work, and are enthusiastic about their achievements in restoring the veld of their home town.


an all-round earth friendly product

Not only is spekboom amazing at taking atmospheric carbon dioxide out of the air, the pots that your #spekkies come in are completely biodegradable!

keeping your compot intact until you are ready to plant

Because of the biodegradable nature of the compot, when the customer takes their #spekkies home they should keep it sheltered from rain until they want to plant it – it can be kept inside in a sunny position. If the #spekkies begin to wilt and discolour, they need to be planted.

planting your #spekkies

And for the most exciting part… planting your #spekkies! When you are ready to plant your #spekkies,
simply dig a hole in the ground and place your #spekkies, pot and all, straight in the ground, cover up with
soil and that’s it!


Keep giving your #spekkies lots of love, and watch them grow into beautiful carbon dioxide busting machines!